Consequence / Impact / Usefulness

Showing Without Going can produce forms and proposals that may not immediately be recognisable as art. 

Stephen Wright among others has noted “the invisible parentheses that bracket art off from being taken seriously as a proposition having consequences beyond the aesthetic realm. Art judged by art’s standards can be easily written off as, well... just art. Of contemplative value to people who like that sort of thing, but without teeth.” (see "Toward a Lexicon of Usership")

Could certain SWG approaches allow for a work to be more disguised as art, stepping out of the ‘safe space’ of art’s autonomy to have greater reach, impact or consequence? 


A dance programme in the form of exercise videos

We are going to create a dance festival

where the different pieces are exercise videos that we commission.

Each exercise video is a dance. 

A dance which you learn, which you incorporate. 

By learning this dance, you also exercise. 

The dance festival 'programme' will be curated so that each dance - each exercise video - works on a different part of the body, or mind. 

La Otra Gente - 2021

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker