Rosas danst Rosas

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

Precisely 30 years ago, dance company Rosas put itself on the map with the production Rosas danst Rosas. This choreography has since been staged all over the world. And now it's your turn. Dance your own Rosas danst Rosas, make a video film of it and post it on In the following videos choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and dancer Samantha van Wissen will teach you the moves, step by step, from the second part of the performance. After that it becomes your dance: you dance Rosas. In a different setting, with a huge number of dancers... any way you like!


A dance programme in the form of exercise videos

We are going to create a dance festival

where the different pieces are exercise videos that we commission.

Each exercise video is a dance. 

A dance which you learn, which you incorporate. 

By learning this dance, you also exercise. 

The dance festival 'programme' will be curated so that each dance - each exercise video - works on a different part of the body, or mind. 

La Otra Gente - 2021

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker