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It’s possible to take or think of a conventional approach, format, tool or live performance element and 'convert' them for showing without going, if only in one’s mind, to see what that would give. For example ‘workshop’, ‘boxing ring’, ‘festival programme’, ‘orchestra’… 




Copy K1tt3ns

'Copy K1tt3ns' is a sharing and project development platform that enables artists to share their unfinished scripts with audiences and ask them to perform these scripts as part of their development and reflection phase. It is open-ended in the sense that audiences decide how they want to respond/direct the script, and can tackle either single characters, develop settings and scenographies, etc. Additionally, the artists can choose to use or discard these audience proposals. All parties are invited to challenge intellectual property, and the artists need to reflect on their loyalties to the initial ideas. This could happen over recordings, live video/audio calls or edits of the transcript.. either as static documents or over collaborative processors such as Google Docs.