Domestic Interventions

The creation of performative events that happen in people's own homes. This may involve an exterior team of performers entering a home, other audience members arriving, the addition of sound, light, objects, or simply adjustments or attention given to what is already there. It may be possible to use what is already there: electricity, water, windows, family members, kitchen utensils, ancestral memories, a Hi-Fi system, the darkness of a windowless toilet.... 




A performance that I imagine in my home

The spectators are my neighbours. The invitation is delivered directly to their doors. They are previously constellated, informed and invited to be part of the performance. Everyone must move one door away, maximum two. (How far is it not going?). They are invited to dinner at their neighbour's house. However at your neighbour's house there is no one there. Only a pair of headphones and a set of instructions await to them, which will make them live their neighbour's life for an hour.

Instrucciones para rehabitar tu hogar - Instructions to re-inhabit your home

Where do I live, what do I keep, what do I throw away, who else lives with me, who are the ghosts that inhabit my house? Is my memory of my childhood home something that still lives with me? An audio-letter arrives at your house. A letter with a text that invites you to inhabit your home through the memories that live in it. It doesn't matter if your house is big or small, if you live with others or if you live alone. instructions to re-inhabit your home proposes to the spectator to take the place of a stranger before his own past, before his own memories, re find your ancestors through small details, write yourself a letter for the future and keep it in a place that you could forget. Imagine your home as if you had to run away never to come back and someone would find your footprints and your traces. What would that stranger read in your notebooks, in the edges of your books, in the photographs you left hanging? Intrucciones para rehabitar tu hogar invites you to create a new space inside your home, a space you didn't know before, a space of encounter with your shadows in a friendly way. The work ends with you inviting you to have a coffee, a glass of wine or the perfect meal you would like to cook to yourself if you met yourself today. On this date with yourself you fall in love again, as if it were a first date, you flirt, you seduce each other, you like each other, you may even have disagreements and touch you, but the most interesting thing is how you generate in your intimate space a different way of meeting with yourself. At the end of the evening the audio-letter holds a surprise for you.