A Closeup on the Sound of Blooming

Raafat Majzoub

A Closeup on the Sound of Blooming is a durational performance that attempts to enable the impossible task of reinstatement of 70 Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem demolished by the IDF on 22 July 2019. For that journey, artist Raafat Majzoub uses Hekmat – one of the fictional characters in his novel – to travel to Palestine, a neighboring country that he is not allowed to visit due to a state of war between Israel and Lebanon. The sound generated by sketching and re-tracing architectural drawings of the destroyed homes and a live Whatsapp group chat on the autobiography of another Arab World yields a visceral, paramilitary response to the demolition.

Due to denial of Schengen visa Raafat has presented this work from a distance, using live sound broadcast of him sketching at home in Lebanon, and Whatsapp to interact with faraway audience.



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