Manila Zoo (work-in-pandemic)

Eisa Jocson

As a “work-in-pandemic” showing, Manila Zoo has taken a form of live performance in the performers’ homes delivered online only to the theatre. It is the third part of a performance series titled Happyland, which refers to a slogan used by the Walt Disney Company for its theme parks and also the ironical name of a notoriously dense populated area in Manila. Eisa Jocson, with German electronic musician Charlotte Simon and four Filipino performers, confronts the psychosis shared by both humans and animals in isolation and confinement in Manila Zoo.

Manila Zoo (work-in-pandemic) was first presentated at Taipei Arts Festival in August 2020, and then in KAAT, Yokohama Japan as part of TPAM2021 where a local performer physically joined this version of work-in-pandemic, as a new attempt.


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