There are many reasons for Showing Without Going

The practice of making live performance work from a distance precedes the Covid-19 pandemic. Artists have been confronting this challenge for various reasons. This list is not exhaustive and there is no hierarchy based on urgency or value judgment:

Nation-state border restrictions. Cutting air travel. Developing new forms of connection over distance. Censorship. Passport limitations. Imprisonment/house arrest. Developing new ways of "going" somewhere. Family/community/land commitments. Developing paths of connection that do not follow available travel routes (i.e. connecting to places that are physically very difficult to get to). Ways of bringing audiences from different places together. Ways of bringing collaborators from different places together. New ways of sharing intimate or domestic spaces. Disability (that limits mobility of artist or audience). New forms and uses of "public spaces" that are not physically shared. Activism at a distance. Forms of play or interaction that cross language difference (...or many other kinds of difference). Protest against mobility inequality.


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