the theatre space as a performative memorial visited by an ephemeral community, the audience

a larger number of people sitting in a space, walking through it, maybe moving, reacting to certain instructions imagining the absent, the absent bodies and relating to and questioning their collective memory

Involving a large number of people engaging instantaneously in similar ways, often without centralised coordination, for example a demonstration or march. 

A creative act working with the intelligence of the crowd. 



mentally active
physical active


Sharing a theme-based collection of stories, histories and heritage through a concept of museum. Interactive media in the form of audio clips, film, animation, objects, drawings, photographs and text are used for the audience to engage with the collection. The museum takes you on a journey of narratives, landscapes, memories, imaginations and explorations. It can be made in both physical and virtual realms.




There are examples of artworks involving instructions which are perhaps only meant to be read or heard, the result of acting upon them left to your own imagination. Perhaps useful to remember: being given an instruction, being told to do something - this of course is real, and it has an effect, regardless of whether or not you carry it out.