non-human rehearsal

A non-human performance which presents the parallel realities of two or more avatar's life. So, avatars need online rehearsals to make the performance.

Creative processes and collaborations involving rehearsal over distance (eg between a dancer and choreographer, or between whole teams) has been shown to be possible.



To use a moving image or humanoid or even another human being as a live representative of a real human being who is not present physically.

#tools #delegation



The setting up of experiences which rely on people sharing specific parallel realities over distance (sitting in a kitchen, moving in a forest, holding breath, risking arrest…)

Different actions or context in the same temporality / Same actions in different temporality or context / Same actions in a similar context but not in the same place… 



Live time-based work (installation, sculpture, performance) may be performed by non-humans - objects, words, lights, smoke etc. This may question the primacy of human agency and invite an audience to recognise and interact with the material and immaterial world. This work may be considered to be part of scenography as an autonomous practice, and is often influenced by the new materialism theory.

This type of work can be produced and installed according to instructions provided by the artist and presented without the artist's presence.