Cie Yan Duyvendak

invisible is a game that sends you out into the public space to play a collective game. With a small group of 8 to 12 people, starting from a short score and account of a previous experience, you carry out minuscule interventions. Together, you create a tiny situation, perceptible but invisible, of which you are at the same time the initiator and the spectator - the spectator of a subtle disarray, a strange, comical, political or surprising alteration. Like a secret committee, you briefly create a kind of poetry of the absurd, whose origin is known to you alone. By playing the game, you will likely become aware of all the potentials intrinsic to being together.


There are many forms of participative live art and performance. When Showing Without Going, this is one of the most common approaches. For that reason, we have created a hashtag #participation in order to group them together as a category if desired. 

To generate and / or experience live performance events through the participation of audience members or specific collaborators. 

The performance experience can exist in different patterns of participation or interaction, for example by actors before an audience, between the audience themselves, with different degrees of rehearsal or indeterminacy - e.g. as an unrehearsed meeting of different groups each having prepared certain elements - and so on… 

Emphasis is often placed on the invitation to participate – ensuring that it is sensitive, inclusive and consensual. Conversely, participative work may be deliberately problematic or antagonistic, perhaps in order to question some of the ways we already, unwittingly find ourselves participating within certain systems


To intervene into the fabric or experience of a given environment.

It can be done by human activity, by the addition of objects / sculptures / light / text, through participation (again on varying scales), or by taking something(s) away.

An intervention can be short or long term, funny, serious, angry, caring, useful, anarchic, antagonistic, cryptic and complex, or simple and direct. The line between art and activism is often blurred in this field; an intervention can spring from motivations that are anything but artistic.

mentally active
physical active