Digital bodies


To give a live music concert without the artist present. Orchestras often travel - but they also often perform music by people who are absent (elsewhere, dead, etc.) Electronic music is well suited to absent concerts. But still an audience may expect or yearn for a kind of liveness. Within the frame of music / concerts, the question may become more clear - If the musician / performer is absent, how can the essence of their skill, playing, aura, or personality be present, beyond the sound of their instrument(s)?



Creating an online conference on the internet as a space for discussions, talks, meetings on a specific theme or topic for participants from any location. It usually involves both video and audio, but you can switch one or the other off and on. With some programs (eg Zoom) you can share what’s on your screen, as well as high-quality stereo sound, be it live or recorded (music, binaural sound, etc). 

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Simon Senn

In this digital conference, Simon Senn, a videographer and visual artist from Geneva, demonstrates how the virtual world and the real world are not always in opposition, revealing the unexpected entanglements between technology, representation, gender, and law.

The sanitary crisis caused by the Covid-19 epidemic forced the Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne to close its doors on 13 March 2020, just a few days before the performances of Be Arielle F were due to start. Simon Senn, however, refused to give up his connection with the audience and developed a version of the performance specifically adapted to the ‘at-home’ confinement situation that the fight against the virus had imposed. He invited a limited number of spectators into his home to watch this live digital performance for audience members and artists in lockdown, in a virtual living room, by way of a webinar on the video-conference app Zoom.

Artist absent
Artist present