A Writer Unbloc-ed

How a travel ban made an artist think of different ways of dissemination. The show has no director or set and a new actor for each performance. The writer's voice is an integral aspect of the script and though he is not present one can feel his presence. As part of the script the writer's email is shared with the audience so they can write to him and share their thoughts.



Conventionally, a script is written by one or more authors before the performance but it is also possible to be co-written by authors or artists in different places before the performance, or generated collectively during the performance.

It contains text or descriptions of actions to be performed but also for specifics of location or set, props, sound, light, movement, costume, etc. 



How can the artist be responsible for the artwork at a distance? Can we speak of a shared responsibility between the artist and the host?


Reasons for limitations to travel are many and restrictions can either be self-imposed or come from outside. Consider:house arrests or imprisonment, border restrictions, financial conditions, passport limitations, etc.


Nassim Soleimanpour

Written by Iranian writer Nassim Soleimanpour in 2010, White Rabbit, Red Rabbit is a theatre play with no rehearsal and no director. It is to be performed each night by a different actor, who has not seen the script before. Since its joint premiere in 2011 in Edinburgh and Summerworks festival it has been translated into more than 25 different languages and been performed over 1000 times.


Virtual cultural exchange can be tricky in terms of getting feedback. How do you evaluate? What do you evaluate?