Local conversations


It’s possible for a workshop to happen without the ‘leader' being physically present,  and without recourse to everyone being online. It may be that the workshop leader is online, or pre-recorded (audio / video / text), with participants present in real time / space. 

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Building Conversation

Building conversation creates spaces in which you can practice conversation. The conversation itself is presented as a work of art and the performances are inspired by existing conversational practices from all over the world; from indigenous communities in New Zealand and Canada, to Occupy, Facebook and the root system of trees. #maybeSWG



There are many forms of participative live art and performance. When Showing Without Going, this is one of the most common approaches. For that reason, we have created a hashtag #participation in order to group them together as a category if desired. 

To generate and / or experience live performance events through the participation of audience members or specific collaborators. 

The performance experience can exist in different patterns of participation or interaction, for example by actors before an audience, between the audience themselves, with different degrees of rehearsal or indeterminacy - e.g. as an unrehearsed meeting of different groups each having prepared certain elements - and so on… 

Emphasis is often placed on the invitation to participate – ensuring that it is sensitive, inclusive and consensual. Conversely, participative work may be deliberately problematic or antagonistic, perhaps in order to question some of the ways we already, unwittingly find ourselves participating within certain systems