Weather Forecast

The script is subjected to the weather the way we are subjected to it. There is a script which will be (probably) performed at a specific/flexible time and specific/flexible place, but we cannot really control it or influence it. It will show up anyway. We can identify/conceptualize/protect and by that being present in it.

An artwork of anthropological nature dedicated to everyday routines and rituals performed by everybody anywhere in the world like sleeping, setting an alarm, dreaming, having coffee, commuting, etc. Via a set of distant practices an artist can engage with different people and routines and create a collective artwork that can be performed by a number of people simultaneously across the world.

(consider domestic intervention)



If environmental concerns are the reason for not traveling, are other environmental impacts of the project also considered (f.ex. energy consumed by technology, devices or material needed, waste management)? How do you go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to sustainability ?


Instructions can be given in any form (spoken live, written, recorded, projected etc) to performer(s) or participating audience who, acting upon them, embody the work at the same time as experiencing it. The outcome will often have a degree of indeterminacy. 

The action can be performed alone, or together with others who may or may not receive the same set of instructions. The actions can be viewed with or without audience outside of the instruction-giving situation. It can happen in any number of possible places / spaces. 

Sometimes instructions are only meant to be read or listened to, the result of acting upon them left to your own imagination, in turn potentially enhancing one’s perceptual sensitivity. Perhaps useful to remember: being given an instruction, being told to do something - this of course is real, and it has an effect, regardless of whether or not you carry it out. 



The placing or siting of figurative or non-figurative objects or sculptures that have a palpable liveness / energy / presence. 

In public space, this may produce reactions which themselves become the main subject or driver of the work. (Consider ‘intervention’)



Conventionally, a script is written by one or more authors before the performance but it is also possible to be co-written by authors or artists in different places before the performance, or generated collectively during the performance.

It contains text or descriptions of actions to be performed but also for specifics of location or set, props, sound, light, movement, costume, etc.